Radiator Thermostats & Electronic Room Controls

What are the benefits of thermostats?
  • Efficient and reliable heating comfort in your home
  • Low investment and short payback time
  • Energy saving and economical: easy on your heating bills

How do they work?
Radiator thermostats and electronic room controls regulate the room temperature in your home to suit your heat requirements.
These products ensure that free energy sources such as sunlight and heat from candles do not go to waste, minimizing the amount of radiator heat required to get your home comfortable.
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Traditional Radiator Thermostats

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Design thermostats for radiators and towel rails

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living by Danfoss

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Electronic Room Thermostats

living eco

User Guide/Instruction
1.9 MB
Installation and User Guide to living eco

living connect

User Guide/Instruction
1.7 MB
Installation and User Guide to living connect

living by Danfoss

0.8 MB
Set in seconds and enjoy for years

RA 2000 User guide

User guide
0.8 MB
The Danfoss radiator thermostat - your new best friend

Standard Radiator Thermostats

Installation movies
Easy mounting of standard radiator thermostats.

Contact your local installer

Contact your local installer

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