Floor Heating

What are the benefits of Danfoss floor heating?
  • Outstanding heating comfort in your home
  • Sound economy & good for the environment. You can lower your room temperature with 2ยบ C - without compromising your comfort
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Floor heating is an optimum solution whether you are renovating your house - or building a new house. The reason for choosing either hydronic or electric floor heating depends on energy prices and legislation in the country you live in. When renovating your house, it also depends on the heating distribution system all ready existing in your home - either water based on electricity.

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Hydronic Floor Heating

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Electric Floor Heating

CF2+ floor heating control system (Hydronic Floor Heating)

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CF2+ Simple to install. A pleasure to use. (Hydronic Floor Heating)

SpeedUp advantages (Hydronic Floor Heating)

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Enjoy faster floor heating

SpeedUp and CF 2 controls (Hydronic Floor Heating)

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Get comfort on demand and reduced energy consumption

Intelligent Heating (Electric Floor Heating)

Floor heating - Comfort Improvement - Networking - Outdoors

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Contact your local installer

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