Danfoss lends its name to a recently discovered lemur species

Danfoss lends its name to a recently discovered lemur species

Researchers from the veterinary college Tierärztliche Hochschule in Hannover (TiHo), Germany, have discovered a previously unknown lemur species in Madagascar. Now this newly identified species has been given the scientific name "Microcebus danfossi" – after Danfoss - and Danfoss is contributing to further research in the field, as well as to the maintenance of the natural environment of these extremely endangered animals.

The small lemur is a prosimian, which lives only on Madagascar. It is a nocturnal animal that communicates via ultrasound and feeds primarily on fruits and insects. Its most remarkable feature is its ability to lower its metabolic rate during the day in the dry, cold season, from June until September. In a sleep-like state (torpor), its body temperature is reduced by almost half and the energy it needs is cut by 25 to 40 per cent.

The veterinary college in Hannover (TiHo), Germany, contacted Danfoss because the company’s German-based Heating division had used lemurs in a marketing campaign: the highly efficient, energy-saving features of Danfoss heating components had been compared to the internal heating ’controls’ of a lemur. In cooperation with BIOPAT, Danfoss is now supporting the lemur species, which was discovered by Gillian Olivieri, from TiHo’s Zoology Institute.

This particular species is the size of a hamster: it weighs between 30 and 60 grams and has been given the scientific name Microcebus danfossi. Danfoss is helping support work to protect the lemur in Madagascar and the continuing research within the field.

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